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What type of counseling is right for you?Garden

My Areas of Expertise:

What clients say.

Individual Counseling is the best initial approach for many.  This approach includes Individuallearning how to sort out your thoughts, feelings and options.  I’ll work with you to discover more productive options to make life improvements.

With individual counseling, you can learn to understand the power of listening:  Listening to both yourself and to others.  You will see how simple communications can enhance how you feel about yourself, plus help you express feelings and thoughts in constructive ways.  You can learn how to communicate more effectively.

CouplesCouple Counseling is often the most productive way to that better life.  Seemingly irresolvable differences cause untold anguish.  Couples frequently face a big transition as children arrive or leave.

Couple counseling can be helpful, even if only one partner agrees to participate.  This first step often leads to the other partner coming in or to learn new ways of responding.

Often clients come to understand options they simply didn’t realize existed.  These options and special techniques often produce the healthy results needed to improve the relationship.

familyFamily Counseling can help reset a family’s course to happier, more fulfilling lives.  Those seemingly hopeless situations can be transformed into ones filled with hope.

Love and children go together.  However love alone cannot always solve every problem.  My style and experience can help set the right direction for your situation.  It may involve setting limits that are agreeable, effective and doable. 

FernEven the most difficult family situations can be helped with my caring and practical approaches.