Jaclyn Passero, LCSW

Handling all of Your Conflicts with Care

professional counselor in rochester, ny

My work is focused around psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a talk therapy approach I utilize to help you cope with the conflicts of daily life. My guided sessions are used as a tool to help you realize your potential for positive change. During your visit, I will find the root of your troubles and provide ways for you to successfully combat them so that you can find relief.

As an experienced marriage and family counselor, I have successfully helped families throughout the region overcome their obstacles. Building positive and healthy communication between each other is important, and with my services, I will show you how to effectively communicate your worries and find confidence within yourself to communicate your emotions in a non-combative way.

I also have a background helping those who experience depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. My individualized sessions are sure to target your specific needs as I am very engaged and interactive during my sessions. I will listen attentively and provide feedback that will aid in your recovery. As long as you need my services, I am available to help. I want to be a source of compassion and kindness whenever you require it.

For more information on how my background and experience will help you, call today. 

Provides services to:


     Adolescents and Pre-teens

     Couples and Families 

Counseling services for:

     Depression and Anxiety

     Anger Management and Addictions

     Panic and Eating Disorders

     Sexual Orientation